Restaurant week is almost here!

Have you started seeking out your restaurant list for restaurant week Chicago?  I’ve had this mapped out for at least a week as this is one of my favorite Chicago events!

Now, there are a few ways to strategize…I will offer my ideas, but whatever you do, pick a spot and experience Chicago!

1 – (My favorite way) – pick the best restaurants in the higher price points.  This allows you to try pricey spots without a huge investment.  If you love them, you can then keep them on your list for future visits!  This is how I tried Blackbird and Naha for the first time.

2 – Pick your favorite restaurants and try out the restaurant week menu which often has new items. Chicago q by the way – amazing restaurant week menu!  I’ve been there a ton, but they never disappoint!

3 – Go all out and pick some place you’ve never heard of!  Want to try that spot in the ‘burbs?  Do it!  It’s a great opportunity to try someplace new for lunch or dinner that you wouldn’t normally visit at a reasonable price point.

Whatever you do, read reviews and the restaurant week menus first!  There’s one spot (which I will not name) who normally offers a 3-course menu at a really great price…restaurant week is not the time to try these types of restaurants.  Also, remember to make reservations early as these spots fill up fast as many of these restaurants are already very popular.

Happy Eating!

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