Capital Grille – Succeeds Again!

Wow – as usual, Capital Grille is a restaurant week standout! (Ok, I know I haven’t visited any other spots yet…but I’m sure I won’t change my opinion here).

First of all, this is one of the best restaurant week deals. For $33 per person, you can put together a nice little tasting menu that would cost $65-$70. There’s also the ability up upgrade for $10 with the lobster…which we didn’t do, but it did look delicious on the other tables. There’s also a wine list of restaurant week pairings. I tried the Cabernet and it was a lovely accompaniment to all of my courses.

First up, the clam chowder (always a fav with huge pieces of clam and a creamy, but not overwhelming base). I could devour a stockpot worth of this stuff.

I chose the citrus cedar glazed salmon as my next course (I know – horrors – not steak!!). I just love their salmon a I think it’s one of the best executions I’ve had as many restaurants over/under cook salmon. My dining companions both had steak – and based on the amount of food left on the table, everyone loved their dishes.

Dessert for me was flourless espresso chocolate cake with a berry sauce and berries. Wow. It was gone in about 5 seconds! In years past, dessert always included ice cream but I think the new options are better (cheesecake and the chocolate cake).

Delish and divine and a great atmosphere = a perfect start to the week!

Tonight, Bistro Campagne!

Copyright Diary of a Reformed Food Wimp, 2014.










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