Birthday Greetings

So, since it’s my sister’s birthday week, I figured I should make a birthday tribute post….favorite foods, favorite birthday activities and restaurants and of course…cake!

I am one who believes that birthdays should be holidays!  I have tried to not work on my birthday almost forever, though that didn’t always seem to work in college considering I once had to take finals on the special day, but oh well….  In any case, the rules are: try not to work on your birthday, do something fun, and calories don’t count (they don’t count on holidays or vacations, either!).

So, a few things to try to celebrate:

– Visit a museum (the Art Institute is my favorite)

– Eat as much as possible (go out for breakfast, lunch AND dinner? why not?!)

– Eat cake!

I have to say that one of my favorites was at The Boarding House restaurant in Chicago….they had a ‘birthday cake’ cake on their menu during my birthday in 2012! Perfect (especially since I was eating alone..but that’s another story).

My personal favorites include shopping, museum wandering and picking out new restaurants to try.  Ruxbin is a favorite, the Publican is always party-like and a myriad of others are always good.   When I was a kid, I asked for the same menu items for dinner almost daily, but usually Mom acquiesced for my special day!

As to cake…I love homemade (Mom, if you’re reading this – I ALWAYS want a homemade black forest cake…no exceptions!).

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One of my favorites!

I have a few favorite restaurants in Chicago, but Endgrain is one of my favorites!

I’ve been to this spot many times and have always had an amazing meal.

What will shock those who have been there with me is that I did NOT have fried chicken today…(best fried chicken in the city in my book!)

Today, I started with a wonderful Bloody Mary (it comes with a cheddar biscuit and ham and cheese!!!).

Next up…the Charlie Brown donut (or half of one anyway)….peanut butter, chocolate and caramel. Wow. Yum.

I had some coffee (delicious by the way) and then the pulled pork, Texas toast and a great fried egg. It was amazing!!!! I never would have thought into put a delicious runny egg on some wonderfully tasty pulled pork, but it was perfect!!

I also had a bite of the biscuits and gravy. This was also wonderful (their biscuits are simply amazing…I can’t visit and not eat one!)

All in all, a great meal in a fantastic atmosphere.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

So, it’s valentines day and I decided to be domestic and make some goodies. Now, they don’t look that great, but here we go!

Guinness chocolate cake (in a cute heart shaped pan!). This includes MORE than 2 sticks of butter, sour cream, 2 cups of sugar…and more!

Next up! The ugliest cookies ever! I broke the icing bag so they look awful. I wimped out and used a mix…and meant to use a heart-shaped cookie cutter but totally forgot! Oops!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!



And I Made Breakfast!

So, this is not really unusual, but I have to say that I was pretty impressed with myself considering I was really down to the bare minimum in terms of food…

Having not ventured to the grocery store in the midst of Chiberia, I was down to a few eggs, some english muffins nearing stale-ness, frozen sausage and luckily a few pieces of sliced cheese.

After a mangled attempt at a mayo/siracha sauce (really gross, don’t try it…I actually think it somehow curdled. Don’t ask…), I elected to make it simple.

So, here’s my photo and I’m proud! A sunny side up egg (which I learned a new trick for – crack the egg in a frying pan with some butter, cover with foil
for 3 min or so and voila! Perfect egg!) cheddar and some sausage (hidden)…. Yum!

See, I can cook…breakfast at least…

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Another Restaurant Week down…sort of!

We’ve come to the close of restaurant week in Chicago…that is, unless you’re dining at one of the restaurants that is choosing to keep their menus for a few more days (or weeks in some cases). Rumor has it that Blackbird is even keeping their menu on an ongoing basis for lunch.

I had an amazing time as usual during the (two) week period this year. I have to say that standouts were Nightwood and Capital Grille. Nightwood was so amazing that I want to try and figure out how I can get back there ASAP!

I also visited GT Fish and Oyster during the week (and actually Wildfire in the ‘burbs), but didn’t partake in either’ menu. While I enjoy GT, I wasn’t thrilled that the lobster roll wasn’t on the dinner menu and also, I didn’t really think it was an amazing deal since the dinner menu skewed towards their slightly less expensive items. In any case, I had a delicious (but way overpriced) lobster roll and some of a side of mac and cheese. Both were wonderful, but I will say that portion size isn’t comparable to the price (wait til you see my thoughts on New England Seafood Company next time!). As to Wildfire, I love it, but a work happy hour didn’t seem like the appropriate time or place to dig in to a three course menu….

The outcome is 100% as expected, though! Great restaurant week in Chicago.

Now, if we could make winter give in and make way for spring versus the coldest year in three decades, that would be great!

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Nightwood – Gem in Pilsen

Wow!  I know I have been going out frequently for Restaurant Week, but I have to say – Nightwood was an excellent pick!  Even though dinner was at almost 9pm since that’s the only reservation I could get, I am still thrilled I ventured to this wonderful spot for dinner.

One of the really nice things about Nightwood for Restaurant Week is that they make a special restaurant week menu.  It’s 4 courses, $44 and absolutely wonderful!

To start, I had the pear salad.  The pears were amazing – poached and wonderful.  Topped with some foie gras – divine!  I did also try the beet salad which was good, but not quite as good as mine!

Next up – oyster chowda’!  This was wonderful and the first time I’ve seen oysters in chowder.  The base was creamy, but not overly so and the oysters were huge and delicious.  Definitely a great choice – though I will admit the other option was great, too.  That was a corned beef crostini with a medium egg – WOW!  Hard to determine which one was best.

I had the ravioli for the main course…between this and the pork loin, I think I skew ravioli, but both were excellent presentations.  The ravioli had a hint of lemon in the filling and a bolognese sauce that was amazing.  I typically don’t order pasta, but this sounded so delicious, so I couldn’t resist.

Dessert was also awesome.  Both the dark chocolate (with cute caramel corn!) and apple bread pudding were perfect desserts and a great way to finish the meal.

Coupled with a great wine and beer list and an amazing atmosphere, this is definitely worth a visit – restaurant week or not.  The room is nicely set up and dark and romantic.  There’s also really convenient street parking (not sure how it is on the weekends).

I will definitely return – this is a great spot in the neighborhood (and has a bib gourmand!).

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