Nightwood – Gem in Pilsen

Wow!  I know I have been going out frequently for Restaurant Week, but I have to say – Nightwood was an excellent pick!  Even though dinner was at almost 9pm since that’s the only reservation I could get, I am still thrilled I ventured to this wonderful spot for dinner.

One of the really nice things about Nightwood for Restaurant Week is that they make a special restaurant week menu.  It’s 4 courses, $44 and absolutely wonderful!

To start, I had the pear salad.  The pears were amazing – poached and wonderful.  Topped with some foie gras – divine!  I did also try the beet salad which was good, but not quite as good as mine!

Next up – oyster chowda’!  This was wonderful and the first time I’ve seen oysters in chowder.  The base was creamy, but not overly so and the oysters were huge and delicious.  Definitely a great choice – though I will admit the other option was great, too.  That was a corned beef crostini with a medium egg – WOW!  Hard to determine which one was best.

I had the ravioli for the main course…between this and the pork loin, I think I skew ravioli, but both were excellent presentations.  The ravioli had a hint of lemon in the filling and a bolognese sauce that was amazing.  I typically don’t order pasta, but this sounded so delicious, so I couldn’t resist.

Dessert was also awesome.  Both the dark chocolate (with cute caramel corn!) and apple bread pudding were perfect desserts and a great way to finish the meal.

Coupled with a great wine and beer list and an amazing atmosphere, this is definitely worth a visit – restaurant week or not.  The room is nicely set up and dark and romantic.  There’s also really convenient street parking (not sure how it is on the weekends).

I will definitely return – this is a great spot in the neighborhood (and has a bib gourmand!).

Copyright Diary of a Reformed Food Wimp, 2014.



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