Another Restaurant Week down…sort of!

We’ve come to the close of restaurant week in Chicago…that is, unless you’re dining at one of the restaurants that is choosing to keep their menus for a few more days (or weeks in some cases). Rumor has it that Blackbird is even keeping their menu on an ongoing basis for lunch.

I had an amazing time as usual during the (two) week period this year. I have to say that standouts were Nightwood and Capital Grille. Nightwood was so amazing that I want to try and figure out how I can get back there ASAP!

I also visited GT Fish and Oyster during the week (and actually Wildfire in the ‘burbs), but didn’t partake in either’ menu. While I enjoy GT, I wasn’t thrilled that the lobster roll wasn’t on the dinner menu and also, I didn’t really think it was an amazing deal since the dinner menu skewed towards their slightly less expensive items. In any case, I had a delicious (but way overpriced) lobster roll and some of a side of mac and cheese. Both were wonderful, but I will say that portion size isn’t comparable to the price (wait til you see my thoughts on New England Seafood Company next time!). As to Wildfire, I love it, but a work happy hour didn’t seem like the appropriate time or place to dig in to a three course menu….

The outcome is 100% as expected, though! Great restaurant week in Chicago.

Now, if we could make winter give in and make way for spring versus the coldest year in three decades, that would be great!

Copyright Diary of a Reformed Food Wimp, 2014.


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