One of my favorites!

I have a few favorite restaurants in Chicago, but Endgrain is one of my favorites!

I’ve been to this spot many times and have always had an amazing meal.

What will shock those who have been there with me is that I did NOT have fried chicken today…(best fried chicken in the city in my book!)

Today, I started with a wonderful Bloody Mary (it comes with a cheddar biscuit and ham and cheese!!!).

Next up…the Charlie Brown donut (or half of one anyway)….peanut butter, chocolate and caramel. Wow. Yum.

I had some coffee (delicious by the way) and then the pulled pork, Texas toast and a great fried egg. It was amazing!!!! I never would have thought into put a delicious runny egg on some wonderfully tasty pulled pork, but it was perfect!!

I also had a bite of the biscuits and gravy. This was also wonderful (their biscuits are simply amazing…I can’t visit and not eat one!)

All in all, a great meal in a fantastic atmosphere.

Copyright Diary of a Reformed Food Wimp, 2014.





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