Birthday Greetings

So, since it’s my sister’s birthday week, I figured I should make a birthday tribute post….favorite foods, favorite birthday activities and restaurants and of course…cake!

I am one who believes that birthdays should be holidays!  I have tried to not work on my birthday almost forever, though that didn’t always seem to work in college considering I once had to take finals on the special day, but oh well….  In any case, the rules are: try not to work on your birthday, do something fun, and calories don’t count (they don’t count on holidays or vacations, either!).

So, a few things to try to celebrate:

– Visit a museum (the Art Institute is my favorite)

– Eat as much as possible (go out for breakfast, lunch AND dinner? why not?!)

– Eat cake!

I have to say that one of my favorites was at The Boarding House restaurant in Chicago….they had a ‘birthday cake’ cake on their menu during my birthday in 2012! Perfect (especially since I was eating alone..but that’s another story).

My personal favorites include shopping, museum wandering and picking out new restaurants to try.  Ruxbin is a favorite, the Publican is always party-like and a myriad of others are always good.   When I was a kid, I asked for the same menu items for dinner almost daily, but usually Mom acquiesced for my special day!

As to cake…I love homemade (Mom, if you’re reading this – I ALWAYS want a homemade black forest cake…no exceptions!).

Copyright Diary of a Reformed Food Wimp, 2014.






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