Spa Day

So, I have had some spa gift certificates since about 2006 and decided to finally use them for a spa visit today. I spent a lovely hour at the Dana Hotel and Spa. Really friendly staff, strawberry cucumber water and an overall great time! (As a side note, gift cards, great idea!).

When I finished around 10am, I decided to trek over to Eataly since every time I’ve tried to visit, it’s been insanely busy. This time, I was in luck! I walked around a bit and was able to actually get within a few inches of the foods vs trying to sneak past a group 10 deep! I stopped at the counter downstairs for a cappuccino and pastry and met some of the nicest staff ever! The person at the counter was very nice and chatted about the shop a bit with me. I was quite impressed as often, staff at these spots are not quite so friendly.

I’m not sure if it’s worth the hight prices, but it is quite the show at Eataly and at least worth one visit.

Copyright, Diary of a Reformed Food Wimp, 2014.



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