Adventures in Germany and Switzerland

Wow!  A week away for work and lots of food consumed!

Traveling in to Munich, I was planning on visiting my usual spots since I can be a creature of habit at times (especially when overly jetlagged and having had a 5 hour layover part way through the trip!). In any case, I did exactly what I was NOT supposed to do when I arrived at my hotel…took a nap…

However,  an hour or so of a nap and I was ready to go.  Having left Chicago with negative temps, I was thrilled to find 50s in Munich!  Everyone was out and about in the city walking and having fun, and I was right there with them (plus emailing for work on my iphone….fun fun).

First stop – Viktualienmarkt – one of my favorite markets in Europe.  A sight to behold – flowers, food, wine, beer, sausage.  You want it, they have it.  It was also really fun because they had tons of Easter items out (cute little floral arrangements that I could unfortunately not take home were my favorites).  Of course, I couldn’t make a stop without having a beer and some sausage!  As it was after noon, I skipped the traditional white (weisswurst) for a regular (red) sausage on a bun with mustard (I know…how Chicago of me!).  Couple that with a light Weiss bier (2.6% alcohol – perfect for lunch!) and I was all set!

The rest of the afternoon was spent working and getting ready for my first night of work dinners.  More to come on that, but here are some great pictures of spring in Munich!

Copyright Diary of a Reformed Food Wimp, 2014.


Munich Viktulienmarkt market 2 market 1


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