Let’s Talk Airplane Food

Ok, I admit, I’m a lucky girl and usually get to fly business class to Europe. My last trip was no exception.

While my latest airline selection wasn’t the absolute best, I have to admit that it definitely wasn’t too shabby…champagne upon entry?! Sign me up! Cocktails and warm mixed nuts!? Yes, please!

Airline food has taken on new life with famous chefs partnering with various airlines to make airplane food ‘gourmet’ (some definitely succeed better than others…gross, greasy fish is not gourmet United…just letting you know…).

On my last flight, I have to admit that while the movie selection was dismal (I have 100 movies and they all suck?!? What?!!!), the food was great. Steak with delicious veggies, a cheese platter, various options of ice cream sundae! Whoooohoooooo. I know it doesn’t sound amazing but being stuck on an airplane for 9+ hours definitively calls for good food. Now, lady across the aisle…you don’t have to order ALL of the desserts and quit giving me the evil eye for drinking on the plane!

Copyright, Diary of a Reformed Food Wimp, 2014