Work meetings….

Now, I’m not one to blog about work meetings and I’m certainly not going to do so now…

However, I will say that this steak sandwich may be the tastiest thing ever! Yesterday, I didn’t eat all day due to racing back and forth to meetings and finally found food at 9pm! Today, I had to resort to a cappuccino at breakfast and then a Cliff bar at lunch (not bad, but not lunch). All of this really poor eating was due to back to back work meetings.

So, I just had to blog about the fact that this sandwich is amazing! Is it amazing because I’m hungry or because it’s good? Who knows, but the medium steak with a spicy line sauce, tomato, lettuce and dried veggies and fruit (wow – first time I’ve seen this!!) is so good I was almost going to lick the plate (and I most certainly did lick my fingers…don’t tell!). When all that remained were a few dried ‘chips’ and some leftover pieces of bread, the waiter asked if I was ‘still fighting’ (working on my dinner)…yes, yes I am. If only I could make this sandwich! I’d be so happy!

The lighting doesn’t do it justice!


Copyright, Diary of a Reformed Food Wimp, 2014.


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