Food and Wine Fest…

So, I’m a bit out of order here as I plan to upload many comments about various trips I’ve taken recently. I’ve had more oysters in the past month than some will have in a lifetime…but this is not an oyster post…

This is an Atlanta Food and Wine Festival post. I have been in Atlanta for the past week for work, eating and visiting all sorts of spots – from grocery store lunches to fancy country club dinners. All were good (yes, even the grocery store!), but I have to say that I haven’t seen a wine fest like this.

First of all, it’s not a ‘wine’ fest per se…it’s what I would call an alcohol fest. There were vendors of all sorts –
from beer to bourbon and back again. I tried Chilean wines, Georgia beers and French aperitifs. Additionally, there were food samplers to rival any sample station….seafood, yep…scallops and lobster risotto. Indian food, BBQ, desserts (bourbon infused chocolates – wow!). Samplers were generous as were the beverage pours. We even got to keep our various wine and beer glasses which resulted in a colleague calling me a ‘hobo’ after I shuffled to the gate with a bag of empty wine and beer glasses which may or may not smell of booze (no judgement – I’m just supplementing my glassware collection).

It’s a pricey visit, but was quite entertaining. It would be hard to complain about the food or drink, but we also got all sorts of various samples…whiskey stones (I don’t like whiskey, but if these stones keep soda cold, I’m in!), condensation avoiders (my name for a disk used in your car cupholder to take care of that pesky condensation….), photobooth pics with Coca Cola and other vendors, the list goes on.

Definitely fun and we all still made it to the airport in time! Forget about that pesky glassware clanking as I walk to my pickup…ps the security ladies laughed as the glasses went through the xray! They must also love this stuff!

Copyright Diary of a Reformed Food Wimp, 2014.


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