And that’s why I love Boston…

So, my frequent Boston visits are coming to an end as my sister gets ready to pack it up and ship off to San Diego (they’ve gotta have good food there, too?! Right?).

As this past weekend was my last visit for a while, I over indulged in lobster rolls and seafood chowder. Sure, I know, you can get this stuff in Chicago, but I assure you, the seafood is fresher and prices way less out on the east coast (though oysters at a farmers market in the hot sun?!?! I don’t think so!)

Nevertheless, here’s a brief synopsis of my Boston diet…

Oysters (yes, raw folks…) – my favorite spot closed but the Atlantic Fish Co has really fresh oysters with little needed to accompany.

Lobster rolls (James Hook is still my go-to and I love their note to yelpers to give them a pass for their ‘shack’ location!!). Tons of lobster in the ‘regular’ size – and a better bun. Skip the large size and get two smaller ones if necessary. Little mayo needed. Also, stay away from the live ones in the tanks – they’re feisty!

Roast beef sandwiches (totally weird until you realize the Roast Beast is the best sandwich…ever). Try one of their 10+ sauces. I skipped the ghost pepper one.

Beer tour to wash it down (Sam Adams or Harpoon – either is fun but I seem to have a weakness for the gift shop at Sam Adams for some reason.)

Topped off with Green Monster Mint ice cream.

So, now I should probably go on a real diet, but alas, I can’t help that I love food. So, that means lots of running in my future to make up for it. Thankfully, the New Balance factory store is also on Boston, so I can take care of this as well.

Happy Eating!!

Copyright Diary of a Reformed Food Wimp, 2014.