So….I usually pride myself on my baking abilities.  However, for some reason, I’m currently stressed out about cake.  Who gets stressed out about cake?!?!  I know…it’s silly, but on the quest to make the perfect birthday cake, I have definitely eaten my fair share of chocolate chips this week.

For the first attempt, I elected to make a chocolate chocolate raspberry frosted cake (yes, that’s two ‘chocolates’ on purpose)… It’s an amazing recipe  and for some reason, I’m now unable to find it online (but I will and will post it)…It includes sour cream, cake mix, tons of chocolate chips (two packages for the cake and frosting!) and   all sorts of other goodies.  But, even with all of the added ingredients, it was still a super easy cake to make – one bowl and into the pans.

The frosting was a bit of fun as I had to heat it and then plop it in my mixer to whip together.  Thankfully, no chocolate ended up on the floor or on me!

So, Dad’s birthday cake was made – and well liked by all…except mom who always thinks everything is too sweet…

So, in an effort to make a less sweet frosting, I am recreating the cake and trying to make a chocolate ganache…

So, cream and semi-sweet chocolate chips and I have been having a chat today…. I hand mixed it all together and it’s going to sit and rest for a bit as I made it ahead.  Keep your fingers crossed folks – I need to serve this to a whole group on Wednesday and am really hoping my first attempt at this frosting will work!  (not to worry – extra raspberry ingredients exist just in case!).

It’s the week of birthdays!  yay!

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