Food Lover, Traveler, New Restaurant Visitor, Reluctant Gym Goer

Even though I started out as a food weenie, that does not mean that I didn’t like food.  On the contrary, I have always LOVED food!  However, I just stuck to the major food groups: pizza, cheeseburgers, ice cream.  I mean, what’s not to love?  It has all of the basics – dairy, veggies (do pizza sauce and ketchup count), carbs!  It’s the perfect way to get your daily vitamins…er…sure!

I stayed as far away from anything resembling vegetables for as long as possible (or masked them with cheese or anything else I could find that make them look less healthy).  The only time I pretended to eat anything other than my favorites was when I was a guest at someone’s home….so that my parents wouldn’t be mad.

College may have been the first time I ate more than a few bites of salad, but it also offered endless opportunities!  Make rice krispie treats in a paper cup in the cafeteria?! Sign me up!

At some point, I realized I was missing out, but I started really slowly (thanks to a high school friend’s mom to getting me to try calamari by telling me it was chicken – yes, I knew it didn’t look like chicken!).  After I tried calamari and liked it, I decided to keep going.  I would try bits and pieces of things.  Thanks to many dinners out, and being forced to try foreign food (and I mean seriously – lots of international trips didn’t give me the option of pizza/burgers), I learned to love all foods.  I will try almost anything now – but HATE green peppers…weird, I know.  Otherwise, everything is fair game.

I truly love trying new restaurants and when I travel, traveling like a local (and that means local restaurants and food as much as possible).

I’ve come a long way (and am even trying to cook!).


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