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I’ve finally logged back in again to see that I’ve been terrible about updating this and I’ve vowed to be better! I know…I’ve said this before….

Well, at least I’m going to try!

Restaurant week in Chicago begins again this weekend and as usual, I’m getting very excited about it. My schedule isn’t allowing for me to visit a restaurant every night this time, but I do have a few spots picked out.

There are some great bets this year on the list and hundreds of restaurants this year! A few ideas if anyone is in the market for reservations (though in full disclosure I did get bounced from a few spots even for lunch since they’re already full, but you may get lucky!)

The Capital Grille – always a favorite – great portion sizes, regular menu items and perfect service make this a yearly must-do for me.

Blackbird – if you can get in, this is a nice spot to tackle their fine dining menu at less than fine dining prices.

Monteverde…I’ve heard they have a menu but I’ve been unable to score a reservation for restaurant week.

Bohemian House – great food in a great atmosphere and they’ve got lunch and dinner this year.

Chicago q – another restaurant week favorite with giant portions and a great deal for large groups.

Restaurant week lasts 2 weeks this year and it’s a lovely way to try some great spots during this time of dismal weather.

Happy Eating!

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I haven’t updated this since new year’s 2015!?!? 

Is it possible to make a mid-year New Years resolution? Well, I’m going to do just that…. And try to post once a week from now until the end of the year…

Does this count for this week?

And that’s why I love Boston…

So, my frequent Boston visits are coming to an end as my sister gets ready to pack it up and ship off to San Diego (they’ve gotta have good food there, too?! Right?).

As this past weekend was my last visit for a while, I over indulged in lobster rolls and seafood chowder. Sure, I know, you can get this stuff in Chicago, but I assure you, the seafood is fresher and prices way less out on the east coast (though oysters at a farmers market in the hot sun?!?! I don’t think so!)

Nevertheless, here’s a brief synopsis of my Boston diet…

Oysters (yes, raw folks…) – my favorite spot closed but the Atlantic Fish Co has really fresh oysters with little needed to accompany.

Lobster rolls (James Hook is still my go-to and I love their note to yelpers to give them a pass for their ‘shack’ location!!). Tons of lobster in the ‘regular’ size – and a better bun. Skip the large size and get two smaller ones if necessary. Little mayo needed. Also, stay away from the live ones in the tanks – they’re feisty!

Roast beef sandwiches (totally weird until you realize the Roast Beast is the best sandwich…ever). Try one of their 10+ sauces. I skipped the ghost pepper one.

Beer tour to wash it down (Sam Adams or Harpoon – either is fun but I seem to have a weakness for the gift shop at Sam Adams for some reason.)

Topped off with Green Monster Mint ice cream.

So, now I should probably go on a real diet, but alas, I can’t help that I love food. So, that means lots of running in my future to make up for it. Thankfully, the New Balance factory store is also on Boston, so I can take care of this as well.

Happy Eating!!

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Food and Wine Fest…

So, I’m a bit out of order here as I plan to upload many comments about various trips I’ve taken recently. I’ve had more oysters in the past month than some will have in a lifetime…but this is not an oyster post…

This is an Atlanta Food and Wine Festival post. I have been in Atlanta for the past week for work, eating and visiting all sorts of spots – from grocery store lunches to fancy country club dinners. All were good (yes, even the grocery store!), but I have to say that I haven’t seen a wine fest like this.

First of all, it’s not a ‘wine’ fest per se…it’s what I would call an alcohol fest. There were vendors of all sorts –
from beer to bourbon and back again. I tried Chilean wines, Georgia beers and French aperitifs. Additionally, there were food samplers to rival any sample station….seafood, yep…scallops and lobster risotto. Indian food, BBQ, desserts (bourbon infused chocolates – wow!). Samplers were generous as were the beverage pours. We even got to keep our various wine and beer glasses which resulted in a colleague calling me a ‘hobo’ after I shuffled to the gate with a bag of empty wine and beer glasses which may or may not smell of booze (no judgement – I’m just supplementing my glassware collection).

It’s a pricey visit, but was quite entertaining. It would be hard to complain about the food or drink, but we also got all sorts of various samples…whiskey stones (I don’t like whiskey, but if these stones keep soda cold, I’m in!), condensation avoiders (my name for a disk used in your car cupholder to take care of that pesky condensation….), photobooth pics with Coca Cola and other vendors, the list goes on.

Definitely fun and we all still made it to the airport in time! Forget about that pesky glassware clanking as I walk to my pickup…ps the security ladies laughed as the glasses went through the xray! They must also love this stuff!

Copyright Diary of a Reformed Food Wimp, 2014.

Work meetings….

Now, I’m not one to blog about work meetings and I’m certainly not going to do so now…

However, I will say that this steak sandwich may be the tastiest thing ever! Yesterday, I didn’t eat all day due to racing back and forth to meetings and finally found food at 9pm! Today, I had to resort to a cappuccino at breakfast and then a Cliff bar at lunch (not bad, but not lunch). All of this really poor eating was due to back to back work meetings.

So, I just had to blog about the fact that this sandwich is amazing! Is it amazing because I’m hungry or because it’s good? Who knows, but the medium steak with a spicy line sauce, tomato, lettuce and dried veggies and fruit (wow – first time I’ve seen this!!) is so good I was almost going to lick the plate (and I most certainly did lick my fingers…don’t tell!). When all that remained were a few dried ‘chips’ and some leftover pieces of bread, the waiter asked if I was ‘still fighting’ (working on my dinner)…yes, yes I am. If only I could make this sandwich! I’d be so happy!

The lighting doesn’t do it justice!


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Spa Day

So, I have had some spa gift certificates since about 2006 and decided to finally use them for a spa visit today. I spent a lovely hour at the Dana Hotel and Spa. Really friendly staff, strawberry cucumber water and an overall great time! (As a side note, gift cards, great idea!).

When I finished around 10am, I decided to trek over to Eataly since every time I’ve tried to visit, it’s been insanely busy. This time, I was in luck! I walked around a bit and was able to actually get within a few inches of the foods vs trying to sneak past a group 10 deep! I stopped at the counter downstairs for a cappuccino and pastry and met some of the nicest staff ever! The person at the counter was very nice and chatted about the shop a bit with me. I was quite impressed as often, staff at these spots are not quite so friendly.

I’m not sure if it’s worth the hight prices, but it is quite the show at Eataly and at least worth one visit.

Copyright, Diary of a Reformed Food Wimp, 2014.


And I Made Breakfast!

So, this is not really unusual, but I have to say that I was pretty impressed with myself considering I was really down to the bare minimum in terms of food…

Having not ventured to the grocery store in the midst of Chiberia, I was down to a few eggs, some english muffins nearing stale-ness, frozen sausage and luckily a few pieces of sliced cheese.

After a mangled attempt at a mayo/siracha sauce (really gross, don’t try it…I actually think it somehow curdled. Don’t ask…), I elected to make it simple.

So, here’s my photo and I’m proud! A sunny side up egg (which I learned a new trick for – crack the egg in a frying pan with some butter, cover with foil
for 3 min or so and voila! Perfect egg!) cheddar and some sausage (hidden)…. Yum!

See, I can cook…breakfast at least…

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Restaurant week is almost here!

Have you started seeking out your restaurant list for restaurant week Chicago?  I’ve had this mapped out for at least a week as this is one of my favorite Chicago events!

Now, there are a few ways to strategize…I will offer my ideas, but whatever you do, pick a spot and experience Chicago!

1 – (My favorite way) – pick the best restaurants in the higher price points.  This allows you to try pricey spots without a huge investment.  If you love them, you can then keep them on your list for future visits!  This is how I tried Blackbird and Naha for the first time.

2 – Pick your favorite restaurants and try out the restaurant week menu which often has new items. Chicago q by the way – amazing restaurant week menu!  I’ve been there a ton, but they never disappoint!

3 – Go all out and pick some place you’ve never heard of!  Want to try that spot in the ‘burbs?  Do it!  It’s a great opportunity to try someplace new for lunch or dinner that you wouldn’t normally visit at a reasonable price point.

Whatever you do, read reviews and the restaurant week menus first!  There’s one spot (which I will not name) who normally offers a 3-course menu at a really great price…restaurant week is not the time to try these types of restaurants.  Also, remember to make reservations early as these spots fill up fast as many of these restaurants are already very popular.

Happy Eating!

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